About Us

Welcome to Laura TheExplora Jewelry!
My name is Laura, I’m the founder of Laura TheExplora Fine Jewelry. I started making jewelry since 2015. The vision behind the brand was to create a jewelry line that is easy to style, while keeping designer quality at an affordable price. Our jewelry is made using freshwater pearls and genuine gemstones, and is designed to add a touch of fun and elevate any outfit.

Our Commitment
My brand is focused on the community, promoting diversity and empowering women to take leadership. Thank you for supporting a small business, I hope my story will inspire others to chase after their dreams and passion.

All of our packaging is plastic-free and is either reusable, recyclable, or compostable. I make jewelry with durability in mind and are always happy to repair jewelry to decrease waste. I also aim to search for more sustainable options as my business grow. 

High Quality
Laura TheExplora jewelry pieces are made with gold-filled and sterling silver material, and I also use freshwater pearls and genuine gemstones for my designs. The pieces are made to be worn every day and they will last for years. My jewelry is also customizable in sizes and designs as most of our jewelry pieces are made to order.